The new ranking system assigns four different bands of technical concessions on the basis of constructors’ points.

Having scored less than 35% of the maximum constructors’ points, Yamaha (27%) and Honda (25%) will start next season in ranking D, opening up the maximum range of technical perks.

That includes private testing with race riders, more engine changes per rider, exemption from the in-season engine design freeze and more aero updates.

Had such perks been available for this year, Marquez - winless since 2021 - is certain it would have boosted the Yamaha and Honda projects.

“Of course, I think if you have the possibility to develop the engine, and to change more parameters, you have more options to reach the [top] level,” Marquez said.

“So of course, it would have helped not only me, but all the Honda and Yamaha projects.”

However, the prospect of concessions was not enough to change his mind about moving to Gresini Ducati.

“When I took my decision [it was clear] that 90-95% Honda will have concessions for 2024,” he said.

By switching to a Desmosedici, Marquez will thus find himself joining the only manufacturer to be losing out under the new ranking system.

Having claimed 96% of the maximum constructors’ points, Ducati slots into ranking A, meaning the Italian factory will have a reduction in testing tyres and no wild-cards.

Nonetheless, Marquez backed efforts to ‘equalise’ the manufacturers through concessions.

“For me, it's important to equalise the manufacturers. Especially because I believe it's better for the riders,” he said. “If you have one bike with a big difference, the rider is looking for that bike.

“If you have a few manufacturers with an equal level, then the riders will be more and more important. Of course the riders are important now, because in the end there are eight Ducatis and most of the riders have more or less the same tools.

“But yeah, it's good for the championship to have different manufacturers [at the front].”

However, the eight-time world champion warned that simply accessing concessions doesn’t automatically make a bike go any faster.

In other words, the chasing Japanese manufacturers must plan how to effectively use the extra development opportunities.

“One thing is to have the concessions. Another thing is to find a way to use the concessions in a proper way. That is not easy,” Marquez said.

The 30-year-old has previously explained that, while confident Honda will return to the top, the short career span of a rider means that he can't afford to wait any longer.