Horner is one of F1’s greatest-ever team principals with six constructors’ titles during his Red Bull tenure.

However, it’s not been all plain-sailing for the Red Bull man.

Horner moved into team management after he called time on his own racing career at Arden International.

He soon benefitted from that decision, receiving a £60,000 cheque which he quickly used to buy a new Porsche.

The decision to buy a new car didn’t go down well with his girlfriend at the time - or her mother, as he revealed on the Eff Won with DRS podcast.

“I had a girlfriend at the time and I remember her mother going, ‘You need to be thinking of being with somebody else, you need a guy with a proper job that’s going to be able to get a mortgage, going to buy a house’," he said.

“First paycheck I ever got, I went and bought a Porsche, I’ve shown no responsibility at this point. I was thinking, ‘You know what, if all goes wrong, then at least I’ve given it a go’.

“I got £60,000 out of a deal when I stopped racing and the first thing I did was go and buy a car. And that was when the girlfriend dumped me, or the mother told her to dump me.”

It seems Horner has learned from his mistakes since then, marrying Geri Halliwell - a member of legendary British girl band ‘Spice Girls’ - in 2015.