But with extra testing opportunities available to Yamaha (and Honda) from the new concessions ranking system, the 2021 world champion feels the factory can close some of the gap during the next set of MotoGP tests at Sepang.

“I think we made a really positive step in the aero, but it changed a little bit the balance of the bike and we didn’t have enough time to adjust the setting of the bike,” Quartararo said.

“Now we also have to use [the aero] in proper carbon fibre, because the wings were really heavy as it was not carbon, because it was a [printed] prototype, but I think there are many small details that we need to change.

“But of course, I expect much more, because even if we have to adjust [the set-up] a lot, we are still very far from the top guys.”

Yamaha suffered its first winless MotoGP season since 2003 this year. Quartararo was again the factory's top rider, but a worst yet tenth in the world championship.

The Frenchman added: “I did not really have big expectations for the test, but you always try to look high, and of course, for me, there was some improvement but the reality is that we are still as far as before.”

Pressed on where the aero was better, Quartararo confirmed wheelies were reduced “but we didn’t find more turning yet. So this will be one thing to see for Malaysia because there are some corners there where turning is really important.

“With the Shakedown and Official test, we’ll stay for 10 days in Malaysia so I think we will have a lot of time [to try everything].

“As a rider, I want to fight for victories and if I have to make extra tests to really perform, I’m happy to do it, but we have to really work hard and work with a real idea of what we need to get back.”

While Yamaha and Honda race riders can now conduct private tests under the revised concessions rankings, with just one month separating February’s Sepang test and start of the new racing season in Qatar, time will be limited.

“I don’t know if it will be enough, but for me, it’s really important to get closer to [the top for next season]. The gap is still too big. Of course we didn’t go for one flying lap [at the Valencia test], but still we are very far from what we want,” Quartararo said.

“But I think and I hope that those extra days in Malaysia will make us arrive closer in Qatar.”

The pair of Sepang tests will be followed by a final official pre-season outing at Lusail on February 19-20.

With a record 22 events planned for the 2024 MotoGP World Championship post-race tests on a Monday after a grand prix event are the most feasible opportunities for private testing by Yamaha and Honda.