Quartararo began working with a psychologist in 2021 and has been a calmer rider during difficult moments as a result.

That’s not to say outbursts haven’t taken place for the 2021 MotoGP champion, as he’s still found it challenging to keep his emotions in check during Yamaha’s decline.But overall, Quartararo has not only appeared calmer, but he’s also been able to give better feedback as a result.

Speaking on the MotoGP.com podcast prior to the 2023 Malaysian Grand Prix, Quartararo said this about working with a mental coach: “My issue is that I could get angry super fast for everything. Especially with sport. 

“This helped me a lot with giving my comments to my mechanics, and even in life to just be more calm. 

“I never disrespected someone but you just scream in a way where basically you can scream for half an hour but your mechanic doesn’t understand anything. 

“You need to have a point because if you say it’s not working anywhere, then your mechanic will say ‘okay, what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to improve’. 

“You have to think about which point you want to improve; the turning, the braking, with grip. 

“This is something I had to learn and having a mental coach is something I really learned. This year I have always tried to stay positive in a situation where it is difficult.”

A rider that wears his heart on his sleeve, Quartararo is like many of the great MotoGP champions who are thirsty for success.

This means outbursts can always take place, especially when going from competing for titles and wins to top ten finishes.

That’s exactly what’s happened in 2023, but Quartararo says the current struggled he’s going through with Yamaha will make him stronger. 

Quartararo said: “When you are used to fighting for championships and victories, but then are fighting for top tens, basically you are positive in a way where you can improve with experience and with being in a new chapter in your career. 

“One where I will have learned a lot when I’m out of here (retired). I think that it’s always in these difficult moments that you learn the most. 

“When you win everything is going okay. But in this moment you question yourself, have to remain calm and you are overcoming difficulties.”