The F1 film, which has been influenced by Lewis Hamilton, is centred around Pitt’s character - a previously-retired F1 driver that comes out of retirement to mentor his teammate.

To improve the realism and immersion of it, filming took place during actual F1 race weekends, starting with the 2023 British Grand Prix.

Mercedes helped supply them with a modified F2 car which will feature in the movie.

However, it seems not everyone is willing to watch it when it comes out.

Giving his view on it, Verstappen told “Yes, so many. Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and so on, those roles stick with me. 

“I like films anyway and Brad Pitt is of course a super actor.

“Before the US Grand Prix in Austin, I saw a few clips from the new film. 

“They were shown during the drivers’ meeting with an explanation of how they had filmed it all.

“Nice to see, but it doesn’t really interest me that much. I don’t need to see a film of my own sport. 

“This film is of course a made-up story and everything is always over-dramatised, you have to love that. I personally don’t have that much with that.”