F1 driver salaries

Max Verstappen - $70m (salary $45m, bonuses $25m)

The Red Bull driver is unsurprisingly F1's top earner in 2023 after winning a record-breaking 19 grands prix en route to a third championship in a row.

Those race wins are reflected in a hefty bonus.

Lewis Hamilton - $55m (salary $55m, bonuses $0)

The Mercedes driver experienced his second consecutive winless season, and only six podiums, which was not enough to earn a single penny in bonus money. But Hamilton's basic salary is more than Verstappen's.

Hamilton penned a new contract midway through 2023 which will have influenced his payday.

Fernando Alonso - $34m (salary $24m, bonuses $10m)

Alonso, a decade ago, was the last driver before Hamilton or Verstappen to be F1's highest-paid.

This year at Aston Martin he benefited from a big bonus due to their upturn in form.

Sergio Perez - $26m (salary $10m, bonuses $16m)

A difficult season for Red Bull's second season but one that ends lucratively.

Perez pocketed more in bonuses than he did from his basic salary.

Charles Leclerc - $19m (salary $14m, bonuses $5m)

The Ferrari driver may be frustrated with this mere earnings after not winning a race all year.

However, a new contract appears to be in the offing for Leclerc which would skyrocket this payday.

Lando Norris - $15m (salary $5m, bonuses $10m)

The McLaren talent signed a big deal in 2022 which expires in 2025, a major commitment from the team to their driver.

But Norris remains on the radar of other F1 teams and his earning potential is huge.

Carlos Sainz - $14m (salary $8m, bonuses $6m)

The only non-Red Bull driver to win a grand prix in 2023 benefitted from a big bonus.

Sainz is constantly mentioned as an Audi target so, whether he stays with Ferrari or leaves, could be set to dramatically increase these wages.

George Russell - $9m (salary $4m, bonuses $5m)

The Mercedes driver outperformed Hamilton in 2022 but not this year.

Russell also signed new terms with the team midway through this year and will hope for a 2024 car capable of earning those big bonuses.

Pierre Gasly - $8m (salary $5m, bonuses $3m)

Alpine signed Gasly for this year and made him a higher-paid driver than Esteban Ocon.

Oscar Piastri - $8m (salary $3m, bonuses $5m)

The McLaren driver shone in his rookie campaign with two podiums - the future is bright.

The top F1 driver salaries and bonuses were reported by Forbes at the conclusion of the 2023 season.

While F1 drivers are guanateed a basic salary, they can earn bonuses for results and performances. They also pocket extra money through sponsors but that isn't included in these estimates.

F1 driver salaries do not fall under the cost caps that each team must respect.