Schumacher won an unprecedented five consecutive world titles with Ferrari between 2000 and 2004, and Verstappen is currently enjoying his own streak of dominance with Red Bull, having claimed his third consecutive drivers’ crown in 2023. 

Todt, who was the Ferrari team boss who recruited Schumacher from Benetton in 1996, reckons the Verstappen/Red Bull combination resembles the dynasty forged by Ferrari and the legendary seven-time world champion. 

“Yes, there are affinities,” Todt told La Stampa. “Red Bull has built a winning team with an extraordinary driver, very professional, intelligent in the race. A fantastic talent.”

Asked whether he thinks Sergio Perez is being forced into a ‘wingman’ role, similar to the one Rubens Barrichello carried out alongside Schumacher, Todt said: “I know Barrichello quite well, Perez much less. 

"He is a very good driver, certainly not up to the level of his teammate, who won 19 races to 2. The results speak for themselves, even if they are not a guarantee of future successes.” 

But Todt warned there is no guarantee that Red Bull’s winning run will continue in 2024, pointing to when Renault and Fernando Alonso brought Schumacher and Ferrari’s reign to an end two decades ago. 

“Don't you remember 2005? Same team, same drivers after a triumphant season. There is Schumacher, yet we are not competitive,” he said. 

"We returned to being fast in 2006, but lost due to reliability problems. Michael announces his first farewell to Formula 1. He will return to Mercedes in 2010. 

"Meanwhile, we won in 2007 with Raikkonen and lost in the last meters in 2008 with Massa.” 

Todt was also asked which driver he sees as being Schumacher’s heir. 

“I support [Charles] Leclerc,” he responded. “My son has been following him since he raced go-karts. 

“He is a great driver and deserves the opportunity to win the title."