The seven-time world champion carried out a series of daredevil sky dives over the Dubai desert at the end of November, shortly after the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

The jumps at SkyDive Dubai’s Desert Dropzone were documented by Hamilton’s sponsor, Monster Energy. 

Hamilton enjoys living to the extreme even when he’s away from the F1 circuit and has taken up skydiving as one of his recent off-track hobbies.

Footage showed the 38-year-old, who got his skydiving licence in 2019, launching himself out of a plane before completing several rolls while in free fall. 

Despite finishing an impressive third in the championship, 2023 ultimately proved to be another disappointing campaign for Mercedes and Hamilton, who went winless for the second straight season. 

Hamilton is hoping Mercedes’ 2024 challenger - the W15 - will enable him to take the fight to three-time world champion Max Verstappen.