Ferrari are currently in the process of resolving the futures of their two drivers, with both Charles Leclerc and Sainz’s contracts up at the end of 2024. 

While Leclerc is reported to have already agreed a mega-bucks deal that would tie him down through to the end of 2029, Sainz’s contract situation appears more complex. 

Speaking at a sponsor event in Madrid, Sainz reiterated that he wants a new deal before the 2024 season kicks off at the Bahrain Grand Prix on 2 March.  

"My goal is to start 2024 knowing where I'm going to race in 2025," Sainz said, as per "I wouldn't like to start the season without knowing my next destination.”

The 29-year-old added: "My priority is to stay at Ferrari for many more years. I'm very happy, both parties are very happy and the objective is to continue, but we have to agree and we have these three months until the next race to reach that agreement."

The length of a renewal for Sainz appears to be the main sticking point amid suggestions that Ferrari are less keen to offer the Spaniard an extension beyond a single year. 

However, Sainz, who has repeatedly batted away links to the looming Audi project, has made it clear he is only interested in securing a long-term deal. 

"Obviously I want to renew and I'd like to renew for more than one year, not just two,” he explained. “You know my intentions and honestly I feel perfectly valued by Fred and by the whole Ferrari family in general, I feel loved.

"Therefore, I will renew if I feel that way and I feel that I am valued. That as a driver that is the main priority. I am convinced that if we both want to, we will reach an agreement on a duration that I am happy with.”

Team principal Fred Vasseur described the ongoing situation regarding the respective futures of his drivers as “quite comfortable” at Ferrari’s recent annual Christmas lunch at Maranello. 

When asked whether there would be news on Sainz’s contract before January, Vasseur replied: “Before race one, yes.”